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The Orange Tree Festival

The Orange Tree Festival

From 4/17/17, 9:00 AM to 4/17/17, 5:30 PM

The Orange Tree Festival
In preparation for several months, the Orange Festival will take place on April 17th.

You can read the program by clicking on the link "Brochure" below

Access to the event
A parking ban will apply to Place Paulet, de la Tour, les Carteyrades and Guintran (lower part).
The other municipal car parks are at your disposal.
Le Bosquet road will be put in one direction, in the direction of Le Bar sur Loup - Le Pont du Loup, on the day of the festival, so that visitors can park there.
From Le Bosquet, shuttles will be set up to bring visitors to the entrance of the event.
We ask that you respect the parking instructions, bearing in mind that they are essential in order to guarantee the access of emergency services to all areas of the municipality.

Application of the vigipirate plan
In connection with the services of the state and within the framework of the vigipirate plan, it was decided to set up a perimeter of security in the enclosure of the village. To this end, compulsory checkpoints will take place:
- Place des Cardyrades,
- alley of Dr Maffet at the level of the gendarmerie,
- up the Rue de la Salpétrière,
- crossing the rue de la Jarrerie and the rue du Santoun.
In advance, thanks for your understanding

Place de la Tour
06620Le Bar-sur-Loup