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Hiking has found in the Alpes-Maritimes a space commensurate with the enthusiasm it has generated among city dwellers for two decades now.


Discover nearby hiking trails from the "Guides Randoxygènes", the "Pays Côtier" (French .PDF 140Mo) and of the "Moyen Pays" (French .PDF 190Mo).


Between Nice and Menton, the synthesis of the landscapes of the ending alpine arc and the steep shores of the Mediterranean fully justifies the name of Alpes-Maritimes; of the villages and hamlets of the middle country, we will remember above all the aesthetics and harmony of the architecture, the pastel colors melted in a rural environment ...


Find all the guides to consult below and a little further down the easily accessible circuits closest to our "Auberge".


WARNING: Following the bad weather of October 2 and 3, some hiking routes located, in particular in the valleys of Vésubie, Roya and Tinée, are impractical and are therefore closed by municipal decree. These decrees must be strictly observed and be very careful when traveling, because the storm may have impacted other routes (falling trees, landslides).

To go further, consult the list of closed routes outside of the "Guides Randoxygène" due to disturbances making it difficult for users to pass through:


Please read the safety instructions and the measures to be taken in the event of an accident (brochure tab further down on this page).


If you are staying at the Auberge, do not hesitate to ask us for the printing of the detailed sheet of your hike.


Source: departement06.fr

Distance : 1 km
985 Route de l'Ancien chemin de Fer
Le Pont du Loup
This address corresponds to the access to the closest circuit, that is to say that of "Circuit du Paradis".

Hiking Routes Nearby